Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 4: the queen of electric scooters drives up prices

The Chinese brand has unveiled a new version of its electric scooter, the Scooter Pro. Number 1 in sales in its category, it is equipped with puncture-proof tires and a more powerful engine.

After updating its intermediate models, Xiaomi renews the star of its electric scooters. The Mi Electric Scooter Pro goes to version 4 and assumes a new high-end positioning that may surprise its fans. Now sold for 799 euros (150 euros more than the previous one), it is quite simply the most expensive scooter to date in the Chinese manufacturer’s catalog. This price increase, Xiaomi justifies it by the new characteristics of its car, which has also changed its design only slightly.

Indeed, it will be necessary to have the eye to recognize the future Pro 4 of the previous versions. The design is nearly identical in every way, with two exceptions. On the one hand, the wheels, arguably the most visible change. Indeed, Xiaomi is abandoning its usual 8-inch casings to switch to a 10-inch mount with a new coating. These are still tubeless (without an inner tube) but now benefit from an anti-puncture treatment. Of course, it is only with use that it will be possible to determine the real advantages of this change, but in principle larger wheels add more comfort.

Bigger, more comfortable… more expensive

The other aesthetic change concerns the screen. The format of the latter does not change, but its display evolves slightly to gain clarity. On the “invisible” change side, Xiaomi announces that it has modified the front and rear lights of its scooter. The new optics keep the same design but would be more powerful. Finally, the deck and the handlebars are a little wider and more comfortable since users will have 1.9 cm more to put their feet on and 5.4 cm more for their hands. These changes of course have a consequence on the weight since it increases to 17.5 kg (against 14.2 kg on the previous model).

Under the hood, the changes are subtle, but their consequences are real. The motor goes to 700W (against 600W previously). Obviously, this has no impact on the maximum speed since it is limited by law to 25 km/h. On the other hand, the accelerations of the scooter should be more frank and its ability to cross the climbs improved. The last change concerns the brakes. Xiaomi did not dwell on the chosen system, we just know that it is a two-disc system, but given the increase in weight of the Pro 4, it is normal that these- these evolve.

The Mi Electric Scooter Pro 4 will be available in August. The new high-end version of the scooter will be sold for 799 euros.

Dimitri Charitsis



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