The Internet of Things IoT

The Internet of Things, or “IoT” for simple, is about expanding the power of the Internet to a whole range of other devices, systems, and environments beyond computers and smartphones.

The amount of support IoT receives is exponentially increasing. In reality, it was not until 1999 that the word “Internet of Things” was invented. Since then the IoT sector has evolved significantly. The number of IoT devices deployed was estimated at about 1.2 billion in 2018; by 2030 the figure is projected to exceed 125 billion.

The market sectors which drive such growth are, according to IHS Market,

Smart Cities-a community that uses technology to improve efficiency, sustainability, and quality of life for people working and living in the city.

Industrial IoT-uses Big Data and machine learning to extract value from sensor data.

Connected health-use digital technology to connect patients and healthcare professionals outside the hospital.

Smart Homes-use smart tools to monitor the living environment.

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