Challenges facing modern data pipelines


Software engineers have a central responsibility for building efficient, scalable, and secure pipelines. Data may come in from all various data sources inside modern organizations.

Message-oriented architectures with Cloud Pub/Sub

The first part of the pipeline puzzle that manages vast amounts of streaming data that do not come from a single organized database. Alternatively, those event messages could stream from a thousand or a million separate events, all asynchronously communicating. A common use case where you see this trend happening is for applications using IoT or the Internet of Things. IoT devices may be sensors on Go Jacks drivers’ motorcycles, transmitting location data every 30 seconds for each driver, or placing temperature sensors around a data center to automate and monitor the heating and cooling costs.

Pub / Sub is an asynchronous messaging service designed for optimal reliability and scalability. The service is based on a key component of Google’s infrastructure that has relied on many Google products for over a decade. Google products including Ads, Search and Gmail use this network to send more than half a billion messages per second, for a total of more than 1TB / s of data.

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