Prolab LIS Desktop Version

Prolab LIS is a laboratory information management system created by Prolab LIS™.


Prolab LIS™ is a multi-modular medical analysis laboratory management software, it offers more than 40 modules in its integral version with a Microsoft SQL Server data system guaranteeing a high level of security for your data and scalability.

Project launch : 2016 – current

Head of the Project

Ayoub as a Senior c# .NET Developer and CTO.

Technology Stack

  • Development: c# .NET (previously .NET Framework)
  • Code linting, quality: SonarCloud, Resharper
  • ASTM, HL7 libraries
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition / LocalDB
  • Testing, Deployment: Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, HotkeyApp


These are some of the most important features (simplified and in a promotional fashion – for the clients)

  • Management of patient records and attachments
  • Management of analysis results
  • User management and access levels
  • Printer management (barcode, cards, results, and sample sheet)
  • Queue Management
  • Barcode (+32 Systems)
  • Quotation
  • Accounting
  • Management and referencing of samples with barcodes
  • Maintenance of evaluation parameters: BOM, category (group), cost, profit, withdrawal, display order, usual values in two different units, comments, etc. (+300 preconfigured parameters)
  • Parameterized search engines for quick search
  • Mathematical formulas to be integrated and automatic calculation of certain result values
  • Management of precedence (previous results) and alarms
  • Maintenance of benchtop master records.
  • Unlimited network configuration (unlimited clients)
  • Worklist
  • Discounts/subcontracting system – Discounts by client category (ideal for conventions, subcontracting, etc.)
  • Statistics, traceability and graphs
  • Results appendices (+25 preconfigured forms) + 2 visual editors to import your forms from Microsoft Word (Microbiology, Parasitology, SNSF, etc.)
  • Electronic messaging – emails – an unlimited number of email accounts
  • Data backup and recovery system
  • Diagnosis and signal transmission of the devices (communication modules without interface)
  • SMS (billing fees are not included)
  • Events management – maintenance – calendar (Version 3.0 free update)
  • Electronic Document Management System GED (Version 3.0 free update)
  • Reagent Stock Management (available on version 3.0)
  • Management of purchases, invoicing, payments and quotations (available on version 3.0)
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting (hosting fees are not included)
  • Connected website with customer area + SEO PACK (Google referencing, social networks)
  • Connected Android application
  • Unlimited device integration (Medical Instrument Interfacing)

Prolab LIS in action

This is just another Prolab LIS Module: the Stock module.

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