How to master almost any programming Technology – for experienced developers

What I mean by “experienced developer” people whether they are Freelancers or Full-time workers who have experience in programming in industrial environments using frameworks or libraries like .NET, Django, Angular or React, etc., they should have knowledge about the classic basics to build typical applications (web, mobile, and desktop).

In my opinion, 4 pillars must be covered for each new developing technology namely: (1) Authentication (2) CRUD operations, (3) Navigation – routing between views/pages/screens, and (4) Session Data Management. The fifth element is documentation, which remains in the end the most valuable asset. These elements allow you to build your first boilerplates. Next, you think about how to scale and develop more complex applications based on those pillars, amazing features available in the new technology you’ve chosen, and documentation.

Of course one may say there are other staff to consider, but for me, those 4 pillars along with documentation are sufficient to learn fast what’s left, because you already have experience with other technologies and most of the typical developer checklists are based on the same logic.

There is another thing I would like to add here, that you should layer your software development life cycle and isolate each process. In my experience as a CTO (I was part of the development team also) I always prefered doing planning and prototyping, finish development, then do (write) tests (TDD), to focus on deployment and maintenance finally.

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