21st Century Globalization

The term globalization refers to the process by which relations between nations have become interdependent and have transcended the physical and geographical boundaries that may have existed before (Al-Rodhan, et al., 2006). Investopedia defines the term Globalization as “the spread of products, technology, information, and jobs across national borders and cultures” (KOPP, 2019), otherwise, an interdependence and commonwealth of worldwide nations fostered through free trade.

In my report published on Magazine Science, I discussed how the key elements of Globalization like cost, competitive, market and government drivers were affecting the pharmaceutical industry in Algeria, I described how unbearable inequalities between and within countries had been impacted by Globalization as well as the main challenges those companies might be facing overseeing the activities of their employees in various locations around the world.

Article : https://www.magazinescience.com/en/finance/21st-century-globalization/

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