Overview about traffic management in a Kubernetes Cluster

In a Kubernetes cluster, traffic management is a crucial aspect to ensure efficient communication between various services and components. Kubernetes Ingress Controller: The Ingress Controller is the entry point for external traffic destined for services within the cluster12. It defines rules for routing HTTP and HTTPS traffic to these services1. Cloud Load Balancer: The Cloud Load … Read more

Securing Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and Networks: Best Practices Guide

Background This short document provides comprehensive guidelines for securing Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and Networks, focusing on best practices to prevent RDP attacks through Port 3389 and ensuring robust protection against various network threats. Purpose of the Document The purpose of this document is to equip Azure users with the knowledge and tools necessary to … Read more

Predicting IXIC Stock Price Index Movement Using VIX Futures Term-Structure and Random Decision Forests Method

The VIX index is a powerful tool used by institutional traders to gauge market ‘fear’ and ‘greed’. Since VIX futures provide a measure of the implied volatility of 30-day at the money of the S&P 500 index options, traders often use long VIX futures as a hedge for their positions, to speculate in different financial … Read more

Classification vs Regression

Classification maps feature vectors to categories, whereas regression maps feature vectors to real numbers. Different Types of Learning Supervised learning: Labelled training and test examples Transfer learning: Using knowledge from one task to solve another task Reinforcement learning: Learning to navigate a robot Active learning: Deciding which examples are needed to learn Unsupervised learning: Data … Read more

Generating Forex Intraday Trading Signals using Machine Learning Ensemble and NLP Sentiment Analysis Models – Part 2

In this part, we are going to implement an NLP (natural language processing) model to analyze newsfeeds (alternative data) and compute the average sentiment score on a scale of 1-100. Newsfeeds are downloaded from different RSS sources using feedparser. Sentiment analysis is performed using an NLP model provided by the python package NLTK. Getting started … Read more

Generating Forex Intraday Trading Signals using Machine Learning Ensemble and NLP Sentiment Analysis Models – Part 1

In this part, we will build machine learning ensemble models that can generate intraday trading signals for almost any forex pair. The dataset we are going to use contains 17 CSV historical OLHCV (Open, Low, High, Close, Volume) files of 17 forex pairs. Historical data can be downloaded from –> here. Available FX pairs: USDJPY, … Read more

Currency strength drivers

According to Investopedia, 6 factors influence currencies exchange rates. Those factors are: Inflation Interest rates Current account deficits (meaning that the country is spending more on foreign trade than its earnings) Public debt The term of trade which is export:import prices ratio Economic performance Trade currency strength According to Avatrade, major economic events should be … Read more

Chapter 1 – Building a simple Real-Time stock market price tracker using Django Channels, Redis, Celery, and JavaScript

‘Channels’ uses Django and extends its power beyond HTTP – to enable handling WebSockets, chat protocols, IoT protocols, and others. It is built on a Python specification called ASGI (Asynchronous Server Gateway Interface). ‘Channels’ is built on the native ASGI support provided in Django since v3.0, providing an implementation for Django v2.2. Django still handles … Read more

Finance – Econometrics and Basic Statistics

Introduction Econometrics is the computational utilization and application of statistical and mathematical models using data to establish theories or test current economic hypotheses and predict future patterns from historical data. It submits statistical trials to real-world evidence, then compares and evaluates the findings against the theory or theories being tested. Econometrics may be subdivided into … Read more

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