Chapter 1 – Building a simple Real-Time stock market price tracker using Django Channels, Redis, Celery, and JavaScript

‘Channels’ uses Django and extends its power beyond HTTP – to enable handling WebSockets, chat protocols, IoT protocols, and others. It is built on a Python specification called ASGI (Asynchronous Server Gateway Interface). ‘Channels’ is built on the native ASGI support provided in Django since v3.0, providing an implementation for Django v2.2. Django still handles … Read more Chapter 1 – Building a simple Real-Time stock market price tracker using Django Channels, Redis, Celery, and JavaScript

Finance – Econometrics and Basic Statistics

Introduction Econometrics is the computational utilization and application of statistical and mathematical models using data to establish theories or test current economic hypotheses and predict future patterns from historical data. It submits statistical trials to real-world evidence, then compares and evaluates the findings against the theory or theories being tested. Econometrics may be subdivided into … Read more Finance – Econometrics and Basic Statistics

Market Making and Trading

Much of the “Wall Street analyst” has been made as if it were a standard work definition. In fact, the sell-side and buy-side analysts are substantially different. Actually, both devote most of their day studying companies and markets seeking to challenge the winners or losers. Yet the roles are very different on certain fundamental levels. … Read more Market Making and Trading

Futures, Options, and Derivatives

A forward contract is a personalized contract between two parties buying or selling an asset on a future date at a defined price. For hedging or speculation, a forward contract might be used, although its unstandardized nature makes it particularly suitable for hedging. Positions in forward contracts Forward contracts may be used to lock in … Read more Futures, Options, and Derivatives

Interest and Money Markets

Equity: Public Equity vs Private Equity Equity is an important element in the business and investment world. Equity is the ownership of the company shares. Such assets or shares may also have debts or liabilities attached to them. They constitute the shareholder’s money in the company and would be returned to them if all the … Read more Interest and Money Markets

Fixed Income and Bond Markets

An asset is an economic-value resource owned or controlled by an individual, corporation, or country with the expectation that it will deliver a future benefit. Assets are listed on the balance sheet of a company and are acquired or produced to increase the value of a company or to support the operations of that company. … Read more Fixed Income and Bond Markets

Money Market and Interest

Introduction Money markets have no widely agreed-upon definition. According to Investopedia, The money market corresponds to trading debt investments in the very short-term. It includes big-volume transactions between companies and brokers at the wholesale level. This covers, at the institutional level, money market mutual funds bought by private customers, and money market accounts held by … Read more Money Market and Interest

Finance Notes: What is the Role of Financial Regulation

The economic prosperity of the 1920s created a turmoil of investment and credit among investors. Much of this was funded by margin, which implied that Americans took out money to finance their investment in the stock market. Nevertheless, this practice was not as pervasive as the effects of the crash. At the time, only 10% … Read more Finance Notes: What is the Role of Financial Regulation

Finance Notes: Financial Markets

A financial market is a market in which individuals, private companies, and public institutions can trade financial securities, commodities, and other assets at prices that reflect supply and demand. Securities include stocks and bonds, as well as commodities, such as precious metals or agricultural commodities. Financial markets allow participants to raise capital, make profits, and … Read more Finance Notes: Financial Markets

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