Finance – Econometrics and Basic Statistics

Introduction Econometrics is the computational utilization and application of statistical and mathematical models using data to establish theories or test current economic hypotheses and predict future patterns from historical data. It submits statistical trials to real-world evidence, then compares and evaluates the findings against the theory or theories being tested. Econometrics may be subdivided into … Read more Finance – Econometrics and Basic Statistics

Translating and Deploying a docker-compose project to Kubernetes using Kompose

I’ve chosen a LAMP stack-based demo app just because it’s a multi-tiered application that demonstrates well the power of docker-compose as a container orchestration tool. You can apply this to any docker-compose project. The idea behind this topic is to translate docker-compose.yml file to a single kubemanifests.yaml resource file using Kompose, apply that YAML file … Read more Translating and Deploying a docker-compose project to Kubernetes using Kompose

Market Making and Trading

Much of the “Wall Street analyst” has been made as if it were a standard work definition. In fact, the sell-side and buy-side analysts are substantially different. Actually, both devote most of their day studying companies and markets seeking to challenge the winners or losers. Yet the roles are very different on certain fundamental levels. … Read more Market Making and Trading

Futures, Options, and Derivatives

A forward contract is a personalized contract between two parties buying or selling an asset on a future date at a defined price. For hedging or speculation, a forward contract might be used, although its unstandardized nature makes it particularly suitable for hedging. Positions in forward contracts Forward contracts may be used to lock in … Read more Futures, Options, and Derivatives

Interest and Money Markets

Equity: Public Equity vs Private Equity Equity is an important element in the business and investment world. Equity is the ownership of the company shares. Such assets or shares may also have debts or liabilities attached to them. They constitute the shareholder’s money in the company and would be returned to them if all the … Read more Interest and Money Markets

IoT – Streaming Data to GCP

When data arrives on Google Cloud Platform, pipelines handle it close to how parts are handled on a production line. Data Transformation. For example, you can convert the data to another format, converting a captured system signal voltage to a calibrated unit of temperature measurement Data processing and computation. When integrating data, you can incorporate safeguards, … Read more IoT – Streaming Data to GCP

SonarCloud, a Free Code Quality and Security Check Tool

SonarCloud is the popular provider tool to find bugs and vulnerabilities in your Pull Requests through your Github repositories automatically. No more frustrations, whatever the programming language/technology you’re using, this tool works with more than 20 languages including: Java, JS, C#, C/C++, Objective-C, TypeScript, Python. SonarCloud could be downloaded and installed as an amazing extension with … Read more SonarCloud, a Free Code Quality and Security Check Tool

Google Cloud IoT core

Cloud IoT Core is a fully managed service. This ensures that you don’t need to do autoscaling, replication configuration, database partitioning, or pre-provisioning of resources. One or millions of devices can be connected and Cloud IoT Core can scale to suit your needs. Cloud IoT combines the highest security level of the MQTT protocol (TLS … Read more Google Cloud IoT core

IoT – Communicating with Devices

MQTT is an industry-standard IoT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) protocol. It is a communication protocol for publish/subscribe (pub/sub). The model for publish/subscribe is event-driven. Signals are pushed to customers who subscribe to the subject. The Broker is the contact point. Clients are sending messages to the broker and the broker is getting messages out to … Read more IoT – Communicating with Devices

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